Edward King

Board of Trustees
Title: Trustee
Trustee King Head Shot 2

“Just the friendly neighborhood trustee” is how Trustee King humbly refers to himself; however, with decades of experience and institutional knowledge, he brings much value to this elected office.  In truth, he has a J.D. from U of D Mercy School of Law and has over 30 years of government and government relations experience in both the public and private sectors. 

After many years of visiting this community, he became so impressed that he decided to make Redford home and has lived in the Township since 2005. 

An experienced public servant with no political aspirations prior to moving to Redford Township, once getting involved in various activities throughout the Township, including joining the Redford Township Zoning Board of Appeals in 2011, he saw where he could contribute his experience to benefit the community.   He remained on the Zoning Board of Appeals until 2021. 

Recognizing that he could be of greater use to the community, he accepted the appointment of Trustee resulting from a vacancy on the Board of Trustees in 2018.  Later he ran and was elected to his first term in office in 2020. 

Because of his previous work experience, Edward understands the inner workings of government and has a great appreciation for what government workers do.  As a Trustee with a government relations background, he is determined to help the Board and the Redford community move forward by helping shape good government by being a voice of sound judgment while representing the people.

Edward is proud of the collaborative accomplishments made by the Board of Trustees, Superintendent, and staff during the recent pandemic.  He takes pride in how everyone had to pivot and work together to help protect the citizens and workers during the crisis. 

Equally impressed by the cultural diversity in the community, Edward often promotes Redford for its housing opportunities for families of varied sizes and income levels. 

When looking toward the future, Edward is committed to the long term.  His vision for the Township includes seeing plans for a thriving, walkable community come to fruition, finding new uses for old industrial facilities, and seeing the opening of the new wellness center.  Furthermore, as a Trustee, he is committed to seeing that whatever endeavor the Board pursues is carried out in the right way for the betterment of the community. 

In addition to holding the office of Trustee, Edward is a member of the Board of Directors of the Senior Alliance Area Agency on Aging and the Redford Township Planning Commission, helping to explore ways to improve this community.



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