Eyes on Redford

The Redford Township Police Department is establishing another partnership with our community residents!

Technology is a part of our everyday lives and has been made much more affordable to the average person. Many of us have security cameras in and around our homes to increase our feelings of safety, deter crimes, and possibly assist police in catching a criminal. In years past, when a crime occurred in a neighborhood, officers and detectives spent a significant amount of time trying to find locations that may have video of the crime and activities of suspects / victims prior to or immediately following an incident. This overwhelming task often led to video evidence being lost due to standard video system methods of deletion or a delay in identification of suspects.

Today, the Redford Township Police Department is implementing our new Eyes on Redford program! Eyes on Redford is a 100% voluntary program where residents can notify RTPD that they have a recording security camera system, what directions those cameras may be pointed, and how long the video may be available for. This new database will allow investigators to reach out to the residents who may have evidence of a crime IMMEDIATELY!

To join Eyes on Redford, print out the attached form and return it to RTPD via mail (25833 Elsinore, Redford, MI 48239), email to Sgt. Mansfield at jmansfield2@redfordpd.org, or drop it off at the RTPD front desk.

Membership in the Eyes on Redford program will be kept confidential. RTPD values it's partnership with the community and recognizes that it takes a team to prevent crime!

Sgt. Jennifer Mansfield
Redford Township Police Department
Road Patrol, Community Relations