What can I do with my hazardous waste (paints, oils, pesticides, fertilizers, etc)?

During some years (depending on the budget) the Township holds a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day where residents may drop off hazardous items for disposal at no charge. Wayne County also sponsors four drop-off sites per year (usually from April through October) where any County resident with proof of County residency may drop off hazardous waste at no charge. The County rotates its sites between different communities each year and several have already been hosted here in Redford Township. The Township has also sponsored, along with Wayne County, several annual "Electronic Waste Collection Days, in an effort to keep old, unused, or hazardous electronics out of our landfills. Information about available hazardous waste or electronic collection sites is posted on the Township website on the home page and/or the Central Maintenance page, as well as on local cable television stations (Channel 8 on Bright House, Channel 99 on AT&T U-Verse, and Channel 10 on WOW).

If for some reason a resident cannot wait until a scheduled drop-off day or it is at a time of year there are none scheduled, there is a "Wayne County - Resource Recovery Guide (PDF)" available on the Township's Central Maintenance page that provides contact information for companies you can contact directly. Be aware, however, that they will charge you a fee for the disposal of your hazardous items. There is no charge when using a collection site sponsored by Wayne County but you must provide proof you are a Country resident. Call 734-326-3936 for County dates and locations.

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