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17th District Court Mission Statement

The 17th District Court is committed to ensuring a judicial system that is both understandable and accessible to the public we serve. We pledge equality and fairness to all. In order to achieve our mission we shall utilize all available resources and technology. We will combine the dedication, cooperation, and integrity of our Staff with the leadership of our Judges and Administrators to provide quality service in all facets of our Court System.

Honorable Karen Khalil

Honorable Karen KhalilFor over twenty-five years, the Honorable Karen Khalil has served the people of Redford Township as one of their 17th District Court Judges. During her time on the bench, Judge Khalil has presided with distinction and has been selected by the Michigan Supreme Court to serve as the court's Chief Judge for 19 years. The Supreme Court has ordered that she continue serving as the Chief for the next two years as well.

Raised in Redford from a young age, and a graduate of Redford Union High School, Judge Khalil is keenly aware of the real-life concerns of the Township's residents. As Redford's first female judge, she has earned a reputation for being firm, but fair, and highly committed to the Rule of Law. Her courtroom is widely recognized as a model of integrity and efficiency.

Judge Khalil was the founder of the Commission on Children's Issues and continues to actively serve on its board of Directors. In her courtroom, Judge Khalil shows extra concern for younger defendants who require special attention. She regularly schedules status conferences to discuss progress with these younger offenders and their parents.

In November of 2011, Judge Khalil dedicated a Veterans Court in Redford. This veteran's court, the fourth in the State of Michigan and the first in the suburbs of Wayne County, offers veterans who have been involved in the criminal justice system a coordinated response to the unique problems they are facing. Specifically, Judge Khalil has worked closely with the VA and local veterans groups, prosecutors, veterans' defense counsel as well as probation staff and mentors to provide veterans with the tools they need to lead productive and law-abiding lives.

In March of 2017, Judge Khalil was asked to present as a faculty member at the New Judge's Seminar in Lansing. Judge Khalil is also a board member of the Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals.

In addition, Judge Khalil is deeply committed to serving the citizens of Redford Township and its neighbors through ongoing community outreach. For example, she has initiated programs to educate citizens on important legal issues, speaks regularly to community groups, and looks forward to frequent visits by students and educators in her courtroom.

During her tenure, Judge Khalil has presided over many high-profile cases, including Jack Kevorkian's Redford Township assisted suicide and the murder of an on-duty Detroit Police Officer.

Judge Khalil is a graduate of Albion College and the University of Detroit School of Law.

Honorable Krista Haroutunian

Honorable Krista HaroutunianKrista Haroutunian has served as a 17th District Court Judge since October 2018.

Haroutunian had been in private practice with her father and mother for 20 years and had also served as a Special Assistant Attorney General with Adult Protective Services.

She served actively on the two legislative bodies of the State Bar of Michigan; including 8 years on the Representative Assembly, chairing various sub-committees and special committees; as well as 3 years on the Board of Commissioners, serving on the Budget committee for 2 years. Haroutunian continues to be a member of various bar associations in Wayne and Oakland Counties; chairing the Armenian American Bar Association.

Haroutunian is very active in one of the local chapters of the Armenian Relief Society and has been a member since 1998. In addition, Haroutunian has been a member of the Michigan Women's Commission, since 2011, (a Michigan Constitutionally Mandated Commission), comprised of 15 women from around the state addressing a number of issues regarding women. The Commission is currently addressing awareness regarding human trafficking issues; encouraging women military veterans and advocating for resources for their needs; encouraging women and girls in the STEM fields, as well as advocating for increased participation of women on corporate boards.

Haroutunian earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan in 1993, and a Juris Doctor from Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University in 1998.