Civil Division

  • The 17th District Court has Civil Forms available for $1 per form.
  • Our Clerks are not allowed to give out Legal advice or assist in filling out forms. For legal advice please visit the Michigan Legal Help website.
  • For information on how to collect on money judgments, please view Collecting Money from Small Claims Instructions (PDF).
  • If the Plaintiff is a Corporation, LLC, or Property Management Company, an attorney is required to represent them at all court proceedings.
  • Garnishment forms are available at the court for $1.
  • Email the Civil Clerk


Effective, April 1, 2022, the 17th District Court will have additional Court Officers available for service of process regarding General Civil, Small Claims, and Landlord Tenant.

There are two independent companies that you may use to serve court pleadings. If you choose to use one of these companies, you must contact them directly regarding fees and payment for service. Pre-payment of service fees are no longer required with new filings to the Court. However, they may be paid directly to the company you select prior to service being made based on that company's policies.

You are also welcome to use any other qualified process server agency for service of court filings EXCEPT for Orders of Eviction, Orders to Seize Property, and Claim and Delivery. These specific Orders will only be handled by this Court's bonded Court Officers listed below:

Charles Wagner
P.O. Box 107
Milford, MI 48381
Phone: 248-867-6635


Allen Hope and Associates
4020 Somers Drive
Burton, MI 48529
Phone: 810-239-7788

If you have any questions, please contact the 17th District Court's Civil Division at 313-387-2790, option 5.