17th District Court

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17th District Court Mission Statement

The 17th District Court is committed to ensuring a judicial system that is both understandable and accessible to the public we serve. We pledge equality and fairness to all. To achieve our mission we shall utilize all available resources and technology. We will combine the dedication, cooperation, and integrity of our Staff with the leadership of our Judges and Administrators to provide quality service in all facets of our Court System.

Administration & Organization

The ADA and Language Access Coordinator for the Seventeenth District Court is Matthew Sawicki.

  • Court Administration: Responsible for personnel and fiscal management, juror coordination, maintenance of cash flow, and docket management.
  • Criminal: Maintains criminal record-keeping systems and the processing and scheduling of all misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses. View the Criminal Division page for more information.
  • Traffic and Ordinance: Responsible for maintaining court records on all traffic, ordinance, and municipal civil infractions and the processing and scheduling of these cases. View the Traffic Division page for more information.
  • Civil Division: Maintains records on the general civil page, landlord/tenant page, and small claims cases page and the scheduling and processing of these cases.
  • Probation Department: Responsible for the supervision and counseling referral of defendants placed on probation. The Probation Department also performs drug testing, and breathalyzer testing, and conducts alcohol assessments and pre-sentence investigations. View the Probation Department page for more information.


  • Please be advised: The Court will be closed on Friday, March 29, 2024. The Court will reopen on Monday, April 1, 2024, at 8:30 am. If you'd like to make a payment please visit our payment website at 17districtcourtpay.com.
  • Please be advised: On October 1, 2021, the Secretary of State canceled many suspensions as a result of new legislation. If you want to find out if your suspension has been canceled, you may obtain a copy of your Driving Record from the Secretary of State. Any fines and Costs that were issued by the 17th District Court and remain outstanding will not be waived by the court.
  • The 17th District Court is not currently participating in an Amnesty Program. A flyer is currently circulating on the internet, but it is Fake News.

Open House 2024

Payments, Fees, Garnishment

  • Court Fees
    Would you like to make a payment for your court fees? Please visit 17districtcourtpay.com.
  • Tax Garnishment
    If you have received a notification in the mail regarding a tax garnishment issued by the 17th District Court against you, your taxes may be garnished by the court for unpaid court fines and costs. The tax garnishment will remain in effect until your fines and costs are paid in full.
  • Pay Traffic Citations
    To pay traffic citations issued in Redford Township by Credit Card visit the Traffic Division page or follow the link below:

    Internet System
    Please visit the 17 District Court Pay Website for our new payment system. Please be advised there is a 4% fee with a $3 minimum to use our web-based payment application.

Accessing Records and Forms

  • Email Criminal Clerk
  • Email Civil Clerk
  • Did you know that most of our online services can be accessed 24 hours using our Kiosk? Stop by the 17th District Court's vestibule to try it out.
  • If you'd like to look up a 17th District Court record please visit the MiCourt website.


  • Do you have a traffic ticket that you received in Redford that you'd like to Dispute? Please try our Online Dispute Resolution Tool by clicking here.
  • Have you received a ticket from the Redford Building Department? If your ticket has been filed with the Court, you will need to resolve the matter through the 17th District Court. Please contact a clerk for more information.
  • Please note: If you've received a traffic citation, you must respond to the ticket within 14 days.

Court Appearances

  • If you are interested in setting aside a conviction, Court Staff is here to help you. Please appear In Person at the court to file your motion to set aside the conviction. If you'd like legal help to set aside your conviction view the Michigan.gov website.
  • Would you like to schedule your hearing by ZOOM? We can do that in certain cases.  Call the court to ask a clerk how. (Does not apply to all hearings)
  • Turn in Policy
    If a Bench Warrant has been issued for your arrest, you must turn yourself in at the court. A judge is available for turn-ins on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 am. If a judge is unavailable when you appear at the court, we will schedule your hearing for another day.
  • The Court is handling cases and taking in-person payments during normal business hours. Please contact a clerk for more information.

Are You Seeking Legal Assistance? 

  • The Counsel and Advocacy Law Line (CALL) is a division of Lakeshore Legal Aid. CALL offers an attorney-staffed telephone hotline providing advice, brief service, and referrals to seniors and other low-income people.

    Eligible clients receive immediate legal advice and brief services, and ineligible callers are offered private bar and social service referrals. CALL attorneys regularly handle consumer, education, employment, health, and housing disputes; secure and protect public benefits; assist with driver's license restoration; and guide self-represented litigants through domestic, housing, and other civil actions. Call 888-783-8190 to find out if they can help you.

Know Your Rights

  • If you are a landlord or tenant with questions about evictions, funding for back rent, or legal aid, please visit our Landlord-Tenant webpage by clicking here.
  • Please also review your Advice of Rights before your court date here.