Garage Sale

Issues Garage Sale Permits

The cost of a license is $5

Licensing Information

Two sales will be permitted per household per year. Each license issued will be valid for six consecutive days from the start date, even if you plan to only hold the sale for less than six days. The second license can be applied for after three months.

The application contains an affidavit attesting that all the items being offered for sale are the property of the license holder.

The license issued must be placed on a sign visibly displayed on the front of the property, where the sale is being conducted.

"No sale shall be conducted for a time period longer than six consecutive days for each license issued, except in extenuating circumstances caused by acts of God such as snow, rain, or other natural phenomena. The township clerk will have the discretion to extend the number of days so the actual sale can be conducted for six days." Section 66-31. Conditions of licensing, Para (d)

Sign Regulations

Advertisements of such sales cannot be located on utility poles, traffic signs, or trees, located within the County right-of-way. Any signs advertising the event must be removed within 24 hours of the sale, or a fine will be imposed for each one found in violation. (Ordinance Number 120 and Number 223).

One sign is permitted in the ground on the county right-of-way, provided it is on a stake or wire and is not of an unreasonable size to create a distraction or a traffic hazard.

All signs must contain the permit number, the dates of the sale, and the address. Any sign, not containing this information, will be removed.

Signs posted on private property must have the permission of the resident. Although the right-of-way is County property, homeowners who maintain that portion of the property in front of their homes have the right to grant you temporary permission to put up a sign, and their approval is required. Any complaints received where permission was not granted will result in a violation of the ordinance, and immediate removal of the sign.