Dog Licensing

Dog licenses are valid for one calendar year from June to June and must be purchased every year. Redford Township offers dog licenses at a reduced rate of $15 when purchased in the month of June. Seniors 62 and older can receive a reduced rate of $10 in June with proof of age.

Residents who purchased a dog license for the prior year will be mailed a renewal application. Dog licenses will be available for purchase starting on June 1st of each year. Licenses are sold through the Water Department within the Public Services Building located at 12200 Beech Daly during normal business hours, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Only cash and check are accepted for payment of dog licenses.

If you are a new resident, have adopted a new pet or your pet was too young to receive a rabies vaccination by June, you can still purchase a discounted license for $15. The license must be purchased within 30 days of moving into Redford Township or within 30 days of your pet receiving the rabies vaccination. After that time, you will be required to pay a higher amount.

Download Dog License Application and Vaccination Information (PDF)

License Fees

  • Purchased in June - $15
  • Seniors 62 and older in June - $10
  • Purchased after June 30th - $40
  • Seniors purchasing after June 30th - $30

You can also renew through the mail or by using the dropbox located at the Public Services Building located at 12200 Beech Daly, Redford, MI 48239. Include a copy of the rabies certificate along with the application, a check or money order made payable to Redford Township, and a stamped, self-addressed, Business-size envelope. All of your information will be returned to you with your dog license. Applications must be received by June 30th in order to receive the discounted rate.


2021 Dog Licensing

Due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19, Redford Township has decided to make the purchase of the 2021 dog licenses by mail only! There will be no walk-in licenses sold at the window. Purchase your dog license in the month of June for the reduced rate of $15 per dog or $10 for seniors, with proof of age.

If you purchased a 2020 Dog License you will receive an application for renewal of your license via mail by June 1st. If you did not receive your application, have a new dog, or are a new resident, you can download the application by clicking here.

Return your completed application along with payment (check or money order only) made payable to Redford Township, proof of age (if asking for the senior discount), and proof of rabies.

Applications can be returned in the dropbox located at the Public Services Building, 12200 Beech Daly, Redford, MI 48239, or sent through the mail. Once processed, your license and paperwork will be returned to you via U.S. Mail. Licenses will be processed in the order they are received. Please be patient as the Township is working with reduced staff and it may take longer to receive your license back.