Parks Information

About the Parks

The Redford Township Parks Maintenance Department is responsible for all maintenance, equipment installation, repairs, and daily preparation of all 12 parks in Redford Township. This includes maintenance of 80 acres of grass area, picnic areas, concession stands, softball fields, baseball fields, little league fields, soccer fields, play structures, swings, and other equipment located within the Redford Township Park system.

Along with the daily preparation of park areas, the department is involved in a long-range project of upgrading all play areas to comply with the newly developed ASTM standards for playground safety. This involves the removal of outdated equipment, installation of new equipment, and upgrading existing equipment. Equipment location, critical height measurements and formulas, protrusion, entanglement, and all other ASTM requirements are taken into account when upgrading park equipment and the surrounding area.

The mission of the Parks Maintenance group is to provide safe, clean, well-maintained recreation areas for the entire community to enjoy.

Employment Opportunity

Seasonal Parks Maintenance Employees

The Charter Township of Redford is accepting applications for the position of seasonal parks maintenance employees. View more information about Seasonal Parks Maintenance (PDF).

Parks Information

Park rentals for each season begin on March 1st (or the first weekday of March) for Redford Residents and April 3rd (or the first weekday in April) for non-residents.

  • All rentals must be done in person in the Leisure Services Office with a valid ID.
  • Both fee and security deposit are due upon booking. Fee can be made in cash, charge or check (must be at least 2 weeks in advance), security deposit in cash or charge only. The season books on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any groups of 20 or more must reserve an area in order to be in the park. Please note shelters are available for rentals only.

For a list of parks and amenities, visit our Facilities page.

Important Park Picnic and Rental Information

Township ordinance requires any groups of 20 or more to obtain a permit from the Leisure Services Office. Groups that do not obtain a permit will be unable to picnic. Please see full Picnic guidelines for pricing and information or call the Leisure Services Office.

Shelter and Picnic Area Policies and Requirements

  • Handy Park only permits 2 areas for groups of 20 or more to use the park at one time, if those areas are rented, no other large groups are able to be accommodated on that date.
  • All tables located in front of the Splashpad are for public use only and cannot be used for private parties. Tables must be kept separated and not able to be grouped together.
  • Grills are permitted in Township Parks, however, they must be at least 3 feet off the ground and charcoal cannot be disposed of in the park. (ie. no tabletop or hibachi-type grills).

Important: At this time Redford Township does not allow any inflatables or dunk tanks in our parks.

Splashpad at Handy Park

Hours of operation: Daily Noon to 7 pm unless inclement weather.

  • Open Memorial through Labor Day (weather permitting)
  • Water Shoes Recommended
  • Proper Swimwear required
  • No glass or food allowed in the spray area
  • No skateboards, inline skates or bicycles permitted
  • No running in the spray area
  • Adult supervision is recommended for children 12 and under
  • Climbing on structures is strictly prohibited
  • Groups of 10 or more must get prior approval from the Leisure Services office before using
  • Absolutely no water toys, cups, etc. are allowed in the spray area at any time
  • Maximum recommended capacity: 50

Park Rules

  • Park is open from 6 am to dusk. (Unless a Township-approved activity/event)
  • Groups of 20 or more are required to obtain a parking permit from the Leisure Services Office. There are some areas that are by permit only regardless of group size.
  • The following are prohibited in Township Parks: Fireworks; littering; loitering; golf; inflatables; livestock/farm/wild animals; destruction of park property and dumping of household waste.
  • Fires are permitted only in picnic grills. All coals must be disposed of in proper receptacles and must not be dumped on grass or in parking lots.
  • Animals must be on a leash and under the physical control of their owner at all times. Leashes must be no longer than 6 feet. Owners are responsible for the removal of waste.
  • Motorized vehicles are only permitted in the parking lot. No parking or driving on pathways or grass.
  • Peddling/soliciting is prohibited without a permit.
  • Playing loud music will not be permitted.
  • No abusive language or behavior.
  • Smoking of marihuana or consumption of marihuana products is not permitted in Redford Township Parks. Furthermore, the sale or transfer of marihuana, marihuana equipment or accessories, and marijuana-infused products is prohibited in any Redford Township Park.

Any infraction of duly adopted park rules constitutes a misdemeanor or civil infraction and is punishable by law.