The Township Superintendent is the Chief Administrator that is appointed by and reports to the seven-member Board of Trustees. 

The Superintendent is responsible for the preparation and administration of the annual budget and manages the day-to-day operations of all Township Departments, with the exception of the Clerk’s and Treasurer’s offices.

The Superintendent also represents the Township in local, state, and federal government agencies; prepares and submits recommendations to the Township Board for their consideration/approval; enforces Township ordinances, regulations, and policies; and executes agreements and other official documents, under the authority of the Board of Trustees.    

  1. Diane Webb


    Superintendent Diane Webb

    Diane L. Webb was appointed by the Board of Trustees to the position of Township Superintendent in February 2020. Diane is no stranger to the community, having served the Township for nearly 20 years in five different roles.

    Prior to her role as Superintendent, the voters of Redford Township elected Diane to represent them on the Wayne County Commission for six consecutive terms. During that time, she served as the Chair of the Public Services, Public Safety, and Government Operations Committees, and the Vice Chair of the subcommittee for Seniors and Veterans, which she helped create. During her tenure at the county, she secured the funding for the reconstruction of 7 Mile Road and construction of the Bell Creek Bridge, along with multiple major road resurfacing and park projects throughout the Township. 

    Before her time as County Commissioner, Diane held elected office as a City Councilwoman in Garden City. She also served Redford in various other roles throughout that time: as a district representative for Senator Toy; a Telecommunications Consultant with RMS; and as Redford’s Government and Community Relations Director for SBC/Ameritech. Diane led a long, successful corporate career prior to entering government service. She worked her way up through the Bell Telephone System, from service technician to a director-level position in Government Affairs under the President of SBC/Ameritech Michigan.

    Diane describes her Superintendent role for Redford Township as the perfect culmination of her vast and diverse professional background, and she can’t think of any place she would rather be. Her future goals for the Township include working with the Board of Trustees to establish and solidify internal processes; to drive down debt and expenses by improving operational efficiencies; to build a state-of-the-art Recreation and Wellness Center; and to grow the tax base through economic development and the “highest and best” use of Township property.

    Some of her most notable accomplishments since taking the position include: setting and implementing three balanced budgets; reducing the Township’s Pension and OBEP debt by $38 million; reducing the Township’s operating expenses by $1.42 million annually; increasing the Township’s Rainy Day Fund by $3.5 million; building a new North End Fire Station; and facilitating $3 million in long overdue capital improvements.

    Operationally, Superintendent Webb added a HR Director, an Economic Development Director and a Communication Specialist to reduce liability, grow the tax base, replace the township website and improve internal and external communications. She accomplished all of these things and more without raising taxes, and while maintaining the Township’s A+ Bond Rating. 

    Diane is a graduate of Wayne State University, with a Master’s of Arts in Public Relations and Organizational Communications, and holds a Bachelor’s of Science with Honors from Eastern Michigan University in Organizational Communications and Business Management.