Yard Waste Collection

Collection of yard waste in Redford Township begins the first full week of April and ends on the third Friday in December. Collections are made on the same day as your household trash and recycling pickup. If you have yard waste to dispose of after pickup ends in mid-December, you will be required to store it until pickup resumes in April.

State law requires that yard waste be kept separate from regular household trash and that it not be placed in plastic bags for disposal at compost landfills. Grass clippings, shrubbery trimmings, leaves, weed vegetation, garden debris, and small twigs should be placed in brown yard waste bags that can be purchased at local a hardware or home store. Under no circumstance is yard waste in plastic bags acceptable and it will be left at the curb. As an alternative to yard waste bags, you may use refuse cans that do not exceed a 35-gallon capacity, have two handles on the outside of the can, and are clearly marked "yard waste". Yard waste cans or bags when filled may not weigh more than 45 pounds. Cans or brown yard waste bags should be placed at least 5 feet away from other household trash and recyclables containers.

Branches and shrubs less than 1½ inches in diameter and cut into lengths of 4 feet or less may be tied into "small" bundles and set next to your other compost receptacles. Green for Life (GFL), phone number 844-464-3587, will pick up no more than four bundles of branches a week along with your other yard waste. Unacceptable yard waste includes straw, hay, logs, tree stumps, root balls, dirt, rocks, sod, or apples.

Landscape and tree service contractors are responsible for the removal of all tree materials remaining as a result of their work.