Recycle Carts & Guidelines

All homes were provided with blue recycling carts when the recycling program began. If you are a new resident and do not have a recycle cart, please call GFL @ 9844-464-3587. You may purchase more than one bin if you would like. Guidelines for acceptable items are listed below.

Acceptable Containers for Recyclables

Recyclables are to be placed in a recycling cart that is rectangular and of 18-gallon capacity size. Waste cans or larger recycle carts are not acceptable for recyclables and will not be emptied. If "occasionally" you have more than your cart will hold you may place them in a clear plastic bag and set it next to your cart. Recycle carts are available to purchase for a small fee at the Redford Public Services Building, 12200 Beech Daly.

Acceptable Items to Place in Recycle Carts

Please rinse/clean/empty items before placing them in the bin.

Plastic Bottles, Jugs, & Containers

  • Plastics Number 1& Number 2
  • Household plastics Number 3 through Number 7
  • Please remove caps labels are ok, flatten them if possible
  • No motor oil or chemical containers

Glass Bottles & Jars

  • Only clean and empty clear glass - remove caps, labels are ok
  • No color glass, window glass, broken glass, mirrors, light bulbs, ceramics, or glassware

Metal Containers & Kitchen Cookware

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Steel and tin cans - for safety place metal lids inside cans and flatten cans if possible
  • Aluminum trays or pie tins
  • Kitchen pots, pans, and cookware
  • No aerosol cans or paint cans

Cardboard & Paperboard

  • Flatten or cut all cardboard down into sizes no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet size. Large amounts must be bundled and tied/pizza boxes must be clean
  • Flatten paperboard boxes (cereal, snacks, rice, Kleenex, etc.)
  • No wax-coated boxes

Newspaper, Magazines, Catalogs, Phone Books, Office Paper, & Junk Mail

  • Newspaper - remove bags, strings, or rubber bands
  • Magazines, catalogs, and phone books (glossy and non-glossy)
  • Office paper of all types, sizes, and colors
  • Computer paper, notebook paper, index cards
  • Junk mail - flyers, brochures, postcards, envelopes, etc.

Paper & Plastic Bags

  • Clean plastic or paper bags from most retail or grocery stores