Voluntary Vulnerable Person Registry

The Redford Township Police Department recognizes the challenges our residents and their families face while dealing with Alzheimer's and Dementia, those who fall on the Autism Spectrum or have other special cognitive issues.

In an effort to foster a partnership with those who have these needs and provide a tailored service, the Redford Township Police Department has developed a Voluntary Vulnerable Person Registry. Those who choose to complete the attached registry form will be entered into our dispatch system, which will assist Police and Fire personnel if ever the registered person is missing, or needs our assistance.

The information provided will ensure our officers, dispatchers, or fire personnel, are aware of the individual and their specific needs when responding to a residence, or searching for them if ever they were to go missing.

Participation in this program is entirely voluntary. If you choose to participate, please provide a current picture of the individual and complete the Voluntary Vulnerable Person Registry Form (PDF).

A completed registry form can be brought to the Police Department for entry into the system.