Civil Service Rules & Regulations

The State Legislature of the State of Michigan establishes the framework for a Township Civil Service Commission and provides that the commission shall, "make rules and regulations covering all personnel transactions, and regulate all conditions of employment" in township civil service.

The purpose of these rules is to establish a practical and workable interpretation of Act Number 246, as it relates to township personnel practices; to relieve township elected officials from constituency requests for assistance in securing township employment, as well as to provide employees freedom from political pressures.

These rules are subject to revision by the Commission should the interests of changing times or good personnel practice so dictate. They have and will continue to be supplemented by the proper and reasonable requests of the township board, appointing authorities, and applicable state and federal laws.

All salaries shall be uniform for like service in each grade of the classified service as the same shall be classified and standardized by the commission. The classification and standardization of salaries shall not be final until approved by the Township Board, and salaries shall not be paid except in accordance with the classification and standardization.

They are designed, insofar as possible to provide more uniform conditions of employment and to secure the best possible employees for township service.