Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)


The Redford Township CDBG Advisory Commission works for several months to determine the best use of these funds. During this time frame, the Advisory Commission seeks input from the residents, non-profit organizations, and various Township departments.

The Housing and Community Development Department continues to build on the successes of the past. While we continue to offer our long-standing programs, several new initiatives have been introduced. Together, the Housing and Community Development Department is working towards making Redford the jewel of Michigan, by building tomorrow's community today.

Did you know?

  • Did you know that the Housing Rehabilitation Department has targeted approximately $1,200,000 in the past five years to fund 290 rehabilitation projects for single-family, income-eligible homeowners with housing rehab loans &/or grants during the last year? These funds have made a dramatic improvement to neighborhoods within our Township spurring neighbors to make millions of dollars of improvements to the surrounding homes.
  • Did you know that the Redford Community Center - Youth Department is open after school from 3 pm to 7:30 pm? Come and join the club. The parents must complete membership applications. Kids aged 7 to 15 are welcome. There are lots of fun activities, parties, games, a computer lab, and more. Check it out for yourself. If you want to volunteer or need help with your child call 313-387-2787.
  • Did you know that there is a food pantry in Redford, the Redford Interfaith Relief? If you would like to make donations or volunteer to help, please contact the office at 313-387-9802 or visit their website.
  • Did you know that we had a meals-on-wheels program? Homebound seniors can have meals delivered directly to their homes. They need volunteer drivers. Call 313-387-2788 for more information.
  • Did you know that you could take the bus? Why drive? Just call the office at 313-387-2770 to schedule your ride. Curb-to-curb bus service is available throughout the community and in selected locations outside of Redford. You must call at least one day in advance.

The Housing and Community Development Department is always looking for new programs to better serve the community. If you have any ideas or comments, please call 313-387-2771 or write to 12121 Hemingway, Redford 48239.