Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "When will yard waste pickup begin, and how long will it last?"
A. Yard waste pickup takes place the same day as your regular trash pickup from April thru mid-December. It begins the Monday of the first full week of April and ends on the second Friday of December. If you have yard waste after the pickup ends in December you will be required to store it out of view from the street until pickups resume in April when the compost landfills reopen. Please place you yard waste 5 feet away from you regular trash.

Q. "Why were my building materials, cement, or auto parts not picked up?"
A. Materials involved in construction or remodeling (including large boards, drywall, floor/ceiling tiles), cement and auto parts/tires are not acceptable for pick up because of the damage that can occur to the sanitation vehicle's packer mechanism and are excluded as acceptable waste items under our waste hauling contract. Residents who need to dispose of these types of material may use one of the two landfills listed below that are available to the public.  We suggest you call first to find out the days/hours they are open and to find out what fees you will be charged, as they are subject to change.  Tire stores will take used tires and there is usually a small cost associated with the disposal.  Those with large amounts of construction or remodeling debris may want to consider renting a small dumpster or hire a private hauling company. 

Sauk Trail Hills
(Redford residents receive a reduced fee at this location)
5011 S. Lilley Road
Canton, MI 48188

Veolia Environmental Services
Arbor Hills Landfill

10690 W. Six Mile Road
Northville, MI 48168
Toll free number 888-443-1717

Q. "I put several large or bulky household items at the curb on my scheduled day and Republic Services did not pick up all of them. Why?"
A.  As part of our waste hauling contract from July 1, 2012 thru June 30, 2017, Republic Services will collect along with your trash two (2) large or bulky items per week.  These items basically include furniture, carpet, mattresses, etc.  Anything over the two (2) item  limit will not be picked up and you must remove them from the road.  For more detailed information click here for a pamphlet that includes guidelines for large or bulky item collection.  Appliances that have freon (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners & dehumidifiers) must have the freon reclaimed before they can be placed at the road for pickup.  All doors should also be removed.  Residents must hire a certified heating/cooling contractor to reclaim the freon and have a certification placed on the appliance.  If you have additional questions whether a particular item is acceptable please contact the Customer Services office for Republic Services at 877-264-5544.

Q. "What can I do with my hazardous waste (paints, oils, pesticides, fertilizers, etc)?"
A. During some years (depending on the budget) the Township holds a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day where residents may drop off hazardous items for disposal at no charge.  Wayne County also sponsors four (4) drop off sites per year (usually from April thru October) where any County resident with proof of County residency may drop off hazardous waste at no charge.  The County rotates their sites between different communities each year and several have already been hosted here in Redford Township.  The Township has also sponsored, along with Wayne County, several annual “Electronic Waste Collection Days, in an effort to keep old, unused or hazardous electronics out of our landfills.  Information about available hazardous waste or electronic collection sites is posted on the Township website on the home page and/or the Central Maintenance page, as well as on local cable television stations (Channel 8 on Bright House, Channel 99 on AT&T U-Verse, and Channel 10 on WOW).

If for some reason a resident cannot wait until a scheduled drop off day or it is at a time of year there are none scheduled, there is a “Resource Recovery Guide” available (click here) on the Township’s Central Maintenance page that provides contact information for companies you can contact directly.  Be aware, however, that they will charge you a fee for the disposal of your hazardous items.  There is no charge when using a collection site sponsored by Wayne County but you must provide proof you are a Country resident.  Call 734-326-3936 for County dates and locations.

Q. "The trash collectors, (took or damaged) my can or recycle bin, who do I talk to about having it replaced?"
A. Contact Redford’s Central Maintenance Department at (313) 387-2690.

Q. "How do I have tree branches picked up/chipped?"
A. Redford Township does not currently offer a branch chipping service, as it was eliminated May 1, 2010, as part of budget cuts.  As an alternative, we suggest that residents who have a large amount of branches that need chipping contact a local tree service company who can provide them with this service. Also, the local Redford Chamber of Commerce (313) 535-0960 may have member tree service companies that they can recommend to you.

Another alternative (if you only have a small amount of branches, twigs or shrubs and they are less than 1½   inches in diameter) is to cut them into lengths of 4 feet or less and tie them into bundles or place them into yard waste receptacles. The bundles or receptacles cannot weigh more than 45 pounds and should be set next to your other yard waste receptacles. There is a limit of four (4) bundles per week.  Landscape and tree service contractors are responsible for the removal of all tree materials remaining as a result of their work.

Q. "Why was my yard waste not picked up?"
A.  Occasionally and unintentionally yard waste has been overlooked for pickup at some homes.  It may have been overlooked because a vehicle blocked it from the driver’s view or the outside of the can was not marked “Yard Waste”.  There are also other reasons the yard waste was not collected.  All yard waste must be in either brown paper yard waste bags (which are sold at local hardware or retail home stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) or in trash cans no larger than 35 gallon capacity size with two (2) outside handles.  The cans must also clearly be marked “yard waste” on the outside.  Under no circumstances may yard waste be placed in plastic bags.  Under State law landfills may not accept yard waste in plastic bags.   Also, yard waste will not be taken if you have mixed it with any of the following unacceptable items:  stumps, logs, root balls, stones, straw, apples, dirt or sod.  The bags or containers will also not be emptied if they are more than 45 lbs. in weight. 

Q. "Why was my garbage not picked up?"
A. Other than it was mistakenly not picked up there may be several reasons why your garbage was not picked up.  Below are some possible reasons: 

  1. Garbage is to be placed in either tied plastic bags or in cans both of which are to be no larger than 35 gallon capacity and weigh no more than 45 lbs. when filled.  Oversized cans will not be emptied.  Also, it has been brought to the attention of the Township by our waste hauler that some residents are using the large 95 gallon wheeled carts which can now be purchased in stores or have brought their carts with them from other communities.  Republic Services has advised us they will not under any circumstance empty these containers as they are designed to be used with an automated truck for picking up garbage and not the trucks used in Redford by Republic Services.
  2. Did you place your garbage or yard waste in cardboard boxes?  Cardboard boxes are not acceptable containers for any items placed at the road.
  3. Hazardous waste, building materials and yard waste may not be mixed with your regular garbage
  4. If cans are used for your garbage, they must have two (2) handles on the outside so that the sanitation worker does not have to place his hands inside the refuse can at any time.  This is for safety reasons and their drivers must adhere to this rule.  Refuse cans with handles cut into the sides of them are not acceptable.
  5. Were your cans or bags blocked from view by a vehicle parked in front of it?
  6. If you reside on a cul-de-sac, were vehicles parked in the street that made it difficult for the truck to turn into the area and pick up your garbage?