Leisure Services
12121 Hemingway
(Inside the Redford Community Center)
Redford, Michigan 48239
Point-to-Point Driving Directions
Office Hours: M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Contact Info

  • Leisure Services Main Number: 313-387-2650
  • Senior Services: 313-387-2788
  • Adult Softball Rainout Line: 313-387-2656
  • Information Hotline: 38-PARKS
  • Redford Township Ice Arena: 313-937-0979
  • Wayne County Parks: 734-261-1990

Youth Sports

The following sports leagues are ran by separate organizations and parent groups, Redford Township is not affiliated or responsible for these organizations. Please contact the following numbers for more information and registration.

Softball Information

Theresa Burgess


Events & Classes
Effective as of 11/27/17 all Parks Commission meetings have been moved to the Redford Community Center.
Meetings will be the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month unless otherwise posted.

Notice:  Fall Recreational Programming information will be coming shortly.  Most fall classes will begin the mid-end of September.

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Fall & Winter Brochure


Parks Information

Reminder:  Park rentals for teh 2017 season begin March 1st for Residents and April 3rd for non-residents

  • All rentals must be done in person in the Leisure Services Office with valid ID.
  • Both fee and security deposit are due upon booking.  Fee can be made in cash, check or charge, security deposit in cash or charge only.  2017 season books on a first come, first serve basis.  Any groups of 20 or more must reserve an area in order to be in the park.  Please note some spaces are for rentals only.

Important Park Picnic and Rental Information:

Township ordinance requires any groups of 20 or more to obtain a permit from the Leisure Services Office. Groups that do not obtain a permit will be unable to picnic.  Please see full Picnic guidelines for pricing and information or call the Leisure Services Office.

Shelter & Picnic Area Policies and Requirements

  1. Handy Park only permits 2 areas for groups of 20 or more to use the park at one time, if those areas are rented, no other large groups are able to be accommodated on that date.
  2. All tables located in front of the Splashpad are for public use only and cannot be used for private parties.  Tables must be kept separated and not able to be grouped together.
  3. Grills are permitted in Township Parks, HOWEVER they must be at least 3 feet off the ground and charcoal cannot be disposed in the park. (ie. NO table top or hibachi type grills).

Splashpad Hours Are:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Noon-7pm.
*The splashpad will also be open on days when the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE predicts temperatures of 90 degrees or higher.

We provide and supervise Athletic Programs, Township Parks, Ice Arena, Leisure Programs and Holiday Events.

Park Rules: 

  1. Park open from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.
  2. No fireworks.
  3. Fires are permitted only in picnic grills.
  4. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.  Owners are responsible for removal of waste.
  5. No litter, loitering, or destruction of park area or property.
  6. Dumping of household waste prohibited.
  7. No motor vehicles permitted in the park other than in the parking lot.
  8. Peddling/soliciting is prohibited without a permit.
  9. Playing of loud music will not be permitted.
  10. No abusive language or behavior.

Any infraction of duly adopted park rules constitutes a misdemeanor or civil infraction and is punishable by law.

Parks Maintenance

The Redford Township Parks Maintenance Department is responsible for all maintenance, equipment installation, repairs and daily preparation of all 13 parks in Redford Township. This includes maintenance of 100 acres of grass area, picnic areas, concession stands, softball fields, baseball fields, little league fields, soccer fields, play structures, swings and other equipment located within the Redford Township Park system.

[Click here to read more, including Redford Township Parks Addresses, Locations & Amenities]

Class & Event Refund Policy and Waivers

Participants hereby waive all claims for compensation for injury received while participation in any activity sponsored by the Charter Township of Redford Leisure Services Department, its employees, or representatives.

NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE SECOND CLASS HAS BEEN RAN. An administrative fee of $10 will be withheld on all refunds, plus the prorated cost of the first class. Only classes cancelled by Leisure Services will be refunded in full.

A $20 Fee will be charged on all checks returned for insufficient funds. Also, no refunds for one day programs and special events.

Park Commissioners

Parks Commission meetings are held the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 6:00pm in the Board Room of Town Hall located at 15145 Beech Daly. To have an item placed on the agenda, please call 313-387-2787 or email leisureservices@redfordtwp.com no later than the Wednesday prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.

Please note in 2017- there will only be one meeting in the month of July and December: 7/24 & 12/11.

2017-2020 Redford Township Park Commission

  Dennis Bauer
  Robert Donovic
Secretary   Christa Cencer
Cheryl Cunningham
James Bailey    
Stephen Gierak    
Adrian Herbst




Vice Chairperson
Vice Chairperson