Redford Police Department

25833 Elsinore
Redford Township, MI 48239
Point-To-Point Driving Directions

Phone:  313-387-2500
Fax:  313-387-2666

This web site has been established for informational purposes only. Requests for police services, inquiries or information you wish to convey to the Redford Police Department should be directed through telephone or written correspondence. The Redford Police Department will not respond to, nor act upon, any information or requests sent by Email.

What are the Police Department hours?

Officers are available to file complaints and accidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Copies of reports and complaint inquiries can be done Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.

To report suspicious behavior email us at Citizentips@redfordpd.org

Patrol Division
Police Non-Emergency 313-387-2500
TTY - Hearing Impaired 313-387-2602

Should you encounter problems calling 911 or if you are calling from a Cell Phone the main police line is 313-387-2551

Operations Bureau
General Information/Road Patrol 313-387-2500
Traffic Division 313-387-2560

Criminal Investigation Bureau
Detective Division 313-387-2570
Captain in Charge 313-387-2590
Women's & Youth Division 313-387-2570
Identification Division 313-387-2598
Records Division 313-387-2531

Administration Bureau
Police Chief 313-387-2585
Captain in Charge 313-387-2601
Property Officer 313-387-2598
Computer Systems 313-387-2591

Animal Control Officer
Roxanne Polovich

Administration Bureau

A Captain, who reports to the Chief on daily operations, purchases and departmental inspections, heads the Administration Bureau.

The Administrative Captain is responsible for procuring products and services for the day-to-day operation of the department.

The Administrative Captain researches new technology that becomes available for the department such as computerized booking systems, network communications with area departments, records management systems, and radio equipment.

The Administrative Captain supervises the following divisions that are encompassed int he Administration Bureau.

The Property Officer is responsible for the management of all property/evidence that comes in to the Police Department and responsible for the custody and control of all this property/evidence until time of disposition.  He is responsible for purchasing office supplies and maintaining stock on hand.  He makes several trips during the year to the Michigan State Police in Lansing for the destruction of weapons and ammunition.

Computer Systems
The department utilizes computer aided dispatch software, which interfaces with a records management program.  The LAN Administrator, who is assigned to the Police Department from the Computer Systems Department at Township Hall, maintains these programs.  He is also responsible for the maintenance of all Police Department computers, which include over 50 desktop computers and 20 in-car laptops.  He also maintains the fuel management system for the department and entire telephone and voice mail system for the Township.

Firearms Training Unit
The department has State Certified in Firearms Training Officers.  Training conducted by the Firearms Training Unit included basic pistol qualification, tactical shotgun and firearms training simulations.