Beautification Commission

The Beautification Commission is composed of Redford Township residents whose mission is to restore, preserve, and enhance the beauty of the Charter Township of Redford.  We are an all-volunteer organization whose members encourage and assist by active participation in events focused on beautification of our community.  The following are some of the Beautification Commission events and projects:

  • Perennial Exchanges in the Spring and Fall encourage residents to trade many different varieties of plants and flowers for their own yards. Talk with fellow gardeners about gardening tips, the joys and the unpredictability of their favorite hobby. 
  • Best Yard Awards are given to homes with unique and/or beautifully colorful front yard gardens. Through a nomination process open to all residents, ten of your neighbors are recognized annually for their efforts to enhance curb appeal with unique and/or beautifully colorful front yard plantings. 
  • Garden Walk Events are held occasionally, to bring awareness and recognition to Redford Township neighborhood landscape and gardens. The walks feature an assortment of maintained gardens in our community. 
  • Decorations for community seasonal and holiday events.

There are many other projects and events that the Beautification Commission is involved in during the year. If anyone is interested in volunteering or has other questions about beautification commission activities, contact us at redfordtwpbeautification@gmail.com

Beautification Commission meetings are held February through November at the Redford Township Town Hall on the second Wednesday of the each month at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are open to the public.

The Beautification Commission is a member of the Beautification Council of Southeastern Michigan.  Visit their website.

Events & Activities
  • The Spring and Fall Perennial Exchanges are excellent ways to improve your gardens.  New and experienced gardeners are invited to these fun and free events.  Trade your divided perennials for some plants to add to your landscaping or garden.


  • Annual Best Yards recognize Redford Township resident effort to enhance curb appeal using unique and beautifully colorful front yard plants.
  • Garden Walks feature Redford Township neighborhood landscape and residential gardens.  Don't miss out on these events to view gardens from our community.
  • Learn how to make a rain barrel for your home - Click here