Juror Information

The jury is a critical element in our system of justice. You should be proud of your service as a juror. Your presence in the panel is necessary, regardless of whether you are selected to serve on a case. This court and the litigants appreciate your service.

*If you have been summoned to appear for Jury Duty you must appear on the date and time in your jury notice. Failure to appear may result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest. Please be advised that no cell phones will be allowed in the building.  

*The Jury hotline is (313) 387-2790 please select option 7 for "Jury".

* If you no longer live in Redford Township, you must provide a copy of your driver's License with your new address to be excused from jury duty.

*If you would like to be excused from jury duty you must submit a letter to the Judge. A clerk cannot excuse you from jury duty.

*Please note, when check back with this web page regularly for the most up to date information regarding your appearance for jury duty.

Upcoming Jury Announcements

If you received a juror notice to report for August 17, 2018 you are required to report.  The court opens at 8:30 am.