17th District Court - Criminal Division

Turn in Policy: If a Bench Warrant has been issued for your arrest, contact a Criminal Clerk about scheduling a hearing.  The Clerk will schedule your hearing and send you an invite via email. Once you appear at the hearing, the warrant will be lifted.

*To Contact a Criminal Clerk:   criminalclerk17thdc@gmail.com

*Click on this link to request a Certified Copy of Conviction. A $10.00 processing fee is required with your request.

* If you would like to inspect a specific record please click here. Copies will be made available for $1.00 per page.

*Attorneys may file their appearance by mail or by faxing the appearance to 313-387-2712.

*Adjournments require a stipulation and order from the prosecutor.

*If you have received a Subpoena to appear in court you MUST appear or a Bench Warrant may be issued for your arrest.